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🐲  Dragon Energy Healing 🐲  Zoom Workshop For Lightworkers
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🐲 Dragon Energy Healing 🐲 Zoom Workshop For Lightworkers

  • Lisa Ma, Vinolan Ponnan
  • Online Event - Please RSVP NOW! to get the Event's link
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Join Dragon Energy Healing 🐲 Zoom Workshop For Lightworkers on Make a Difference Day Saturday, October 22, 2022.

Make a difference for yourself and others through inner work healing.

$33 Group Healing Zoom Workshop with option for private readings with Lisa & Vin.

Pay via event page or PayPal at: https://linktr.ee/strongertogetherx

First-come, first-served to early bird sign-ups.

Saturday, Oct 22nd 12pm PT | 3pm ET | 9pm CET

Hosted by Light Leaders Healers-of-Healers:

  • Lisa Ma (@lotuslove888), Intuitive Dot Connector, Dragon Energy Healer, Light Alchemist Activator
  • Vinolan Ponnan (@vin_dragonheart), Dragon Alchemist, Light Language Facilitator

What You Receive From This $33 Group Healing Workshop

  • Group energy healing, clearing, cord cutting to activate healing
  • Spiritual hygiene guided techniques to detect, shield & clear your energy
  • Practical wisdom to ground yourself & connect with the crystalline grid
  • Q&A
  • Special goodie bag with surprise gift + video replay
  • Entry into monthly healing giveaway
  • Private Light Leaders Telegram Group
  • Early notification to special masterclasses, masterminds & inner retreats

Personalizing Readings & Healing by request for $33 USD.

Looking forward to holding space and activating healing together with you!

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